Routine anger; anger deeply rooted in the past, childhood anger, anger driven by our own fears. An all pervasive anger.
My psychoanalyst once told me that she sees signs in me portending a certain relationship between me and “Shir”, the word given to lion, milk and water tap in Persian, which I have dealt with and brought into my life and work one way or another. This revelation beside its psychoanalytical aspect became of interest in my artistic endeavours and I continued working on the lion as the topic of my works currently on display – I had previously worked on the tombstone lions inspired through a collection and a book “Tombstones” complied by my mentor Parviz Tanavoli, sculptor, collector, teacher and researcher.
This collection is my interpretation of the tombstone lions.
The objects placed on the lions is a collage each bear a personal meaning to me and in some cases, whether planned or improvised, they are like visual deliriums somewhat representing my state of mind at the time; a mind full of ambiguous thoughts and images which I cannot decipher.

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