An antique chandelier belonging to Qajar dynasty.
From about 200 hundred years ago and probably made by Russia.
With the image of Nasser•e•Din Shah on its tulip shaped lampshades. With a long background behind which there’s a history.
Through our modern history, only God knows from which roofs it has been hanged or to what events it has bared witness.
A chandelier that iseventually put for sale in an antique selling showroom and an incident causes it to fall and shatter.
I asked the owner of the gallery to give me what was remainedof this precious chandelier.
I installed it on a light box with the same shape and position that it was in and by doing that I actually tried to create a new grandeur for it.
A new birth with a new identity, and a reminder of its old shape and form. Just like the historical memory behind it.

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